17 thoughts on “Sleepy Kitty

  1. That’s me in the morning haha πŸ˜€ Somehow my family still fails to acknowledge that talking to me in the morning, before I get some decent amount of coffee, is just pointless. Not only does it make me mildly annoyed, there’s also a 0% chance that I’ll remember any of whatever they’re saying to me. And then the surprise when I say I didn’t know about some important plans: ‘oh but we told you!’. Yes. At 6am when I was a zombie hunting for coffee. Nice try… almost!

    • Thanks! I get this stuff from an old friend back home in Michigan which is right now being pounded by a big snow event in my area… Ugh. It was 67 today, 65 now… 😎

      • Stop teasing with the temps, lol. We’ve actually had a warm-up couple days into the high 40’s. But this polar-vortex-whatever is coming and we’re going to dip into the 30’s for the high. 😩

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