Some Old Drone Photos

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve sold this DJI Spark drone last year, it was fun but there are too many flight restrictions. Don’t do this, don’t do that. And most certainly, do not! Fly here! Enough. The Fun Police have ruined what could have been a great hobby for myself and many others. Likely because of a core group of idiots who in many other instances have spoilt things for the rest. Don’t fly here! You CAN NOT! Fly here!

4 thoughts on “Some Old Drone Photos

  1. So ture, my Mavic pro doesn’t get out much at all here in Aus. It’s a shame. Obviously people who doesn’t respect the rules ruined it for rest of us.

    • Thanks Donna, I do miss flying the little buzzer but…. I can take photos on the ground almost anyplace… 😂😎

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