Queens Ridge Drive-By

As some of you know, I’ve moved several miles from where that stupid apartment was but the funny thing is that many of the businesses I am used to visiting just aren’t in my new area of the valley, hence I tend to drive those miles back to the old area for things such as my medications. Sure, there’s a pharmacy very close to my home and the one I use too, but that location sucks big time. It’s always insanely busy, no thanks. The folks at the other pharmacy know me by name too which is really nice.

So I drive there instead! Anyway, I drove past Queens Ridge again on the way to get some new ink cartridges so I can print the forms out that the HOA wants completed before I can paint my home outside. That’s HOA living for ya, but honestly, I wanted to live in a community with an HOA to prevent neighbours from depositing oily engine blocks in the driveway and never maintaining their home and property either. Wouldn’t you love to live in a shit hole like that? I didn’t think so!