Front Range

While heading back home from Moapa today it was a beautiful sight to see the big mountains beyond the front range that are around the border of the valley. I tried for some photos of them, they still need processing. It’s a bummer that I can’t see them from my location!

Anyway, this photo was taken when heading home. You are looking west on Cheyenne Avenue at Rancho. McDeath seems to be plastered on the mountainside! 😂

Heading North for Moapa Valley

Deciding on a random thought this morning, I headed north for Moapa Valley for a nice ride on a beautiful sunny day with temps in the low seventies. Here are the first photos from this morning whilst still in Las Vegas. My destination wasn’t too much further north than the Valley Of Fire State Park is.

Buzzing Around My Neighbourhood

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police frequently fly along the many boulevards in the city and are a common sound along with the private and business choppers around here. Today, these great officers seemed to be following their fellow officers on the ground down a different road, not the usual roads I hear them on.

Anyway, I heard this Metro chopper while indoors, ran and grabbed the Nikon in the kitchen which had a 70-300mm zoom on it and grabbed these photos. I tried to process and sequence them far to near.

Dining Room Complete!

The art store owner at Tivoli just dropped off my art for my dining room, they sure add a ton of colour to the room and that entire area of the house! You may have seen the pottery pieces in the photos elsewhere on this blog, they along with the paintings go very well with my desert southwest theme throughout the home.

Whilst Running Errands…

I grabbed these photos today. I headed to Decatur and Sahara for a Goodwill Donation Centre with two night stands to donate, the new ones will be delivered in a few days along with the rest of the furniture to finally finish the remaining two bedrooms off! One piece at a time, the reworking of my home is being completed, and it’s getting close to being finished! It’s been both a pain in the ass as well as a labour of love.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

I can’t recall if I snapped these shots in 2017 or 2018? Recently I’ve heard both in person and on social media the term “fuck the police”. If these people truly believe that, then leave America. Police officers are not your enemies, take your Anarchy mentality elsewhere. I wave to the police, they wave back! These photos were taken at the Red Rock Scenic Overlook along Charleston Boulevard with Red Rock Canyon in the distance.

Lenticular Clouds and a Fire Truck

Here are three shots from today, I’ve been out and about all day shopping for two bedroom’s worth of furniture, sheets, pillow, comforters and such. After these bedrooms are complete, I’ll have two more things to do to the home. Then a full exteriour paint job on the home. Home, a place that one pour’s money into!

A Few More Pics from Today

The last few days have been mostly to full sunshine which I love. Was enjoying it in th back yard a bit ago! I can hardly wait until the summer comes back, enough chilly weather. Photos were taken in several locations.