Finally, The New Kitchen Sink!

Today was a bit of a victory in terms of getting this beautiful new Stainless sink installed. I went through Lowe’s, and it was a crock-o-dookie. First, you pay a $40.00 fee for two dudes (plumbers) to come to your home and assess your specific situation. Fine. that part was completed quickly. What happened next was a complete disconnect between Lowe’s and the Installers. I waited a week, nothing. So I hopped in my truck and headed for Lowe’s and asked for a manager.

I was greeted by the Installations Manager. good! I explained my frustration in a nice way as possible, then she went to her nearby office and vanished. I never spoke with her again. After having to set down because my back was getting disgruntled too and being there for about twenty minutes, I get a call from a plumber. Installer. We scheduled the install four days ago over the phone and by golly, they showed up on timeΒ and did a fabulous job and I told the dudes, great job too.

As for using Lowe’s again? Probably not. There are other ways to get this job completed, hassle-free.

Good grief – welcome to home ownership right? This is not the first home I’ve owned at my age, but after living in an apartment for nearly three years, I apparently had become used to how things are repaired or replaced living the apartment life. And honestly, I am grateful for this home and being able to fix it up. And for the exercise and staying so busy since I moved here. It’s a labour of love, still a ways to go and a great way to build equity in your home along the way. Thanks for listening!

The ugly Plantation Shutters will be replaced (with same), and the cabinets resurfaced soon!

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