The Same But Not…

Two nearly alike photos from this morning, I see a bit of snow up there! Not surprised, it’s been so damn cold and windy the last several days. This doesn’t seem like the last two years when it wasn’t as rainy and cold in Las Vegas. I much prefer the scorching hot summer to this nonsense. If I want shitty weather, Michigan is the place to go… Apologies to my fellow native Michiganders reading this.

2 thoughts on “The Same But Not…

    • Yeah! There’s enough change in elevation from where I snapped the shot and about one mile east of the mountains you see. I’ve hiked it, only in winter though. Summer temps will kill if not prepared and in good physical shape. You can see these big guys from all the way across the valley easily! It’s called the Red Rock Escarpment, and is actually a fault line within the Spring Mountains Range. Desert love! 🌴🌵

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