Trains at Boulder City, Nevada

I was in Boulder City today for the sole purpose of visiting one specific store which is a mom-and-pop business that sells nothing but authentic Navajo and other tribal art and much more. I love this store, the last time I was there was about four  years ago when I was married but have drove past it many times since then. And for the record, I spent way too much!

I will post photos of these beautiful pieces of Navajo art starting tomorrow after I get some decent photos of the art. It’s late, the sun has said goodnight so I hope you’ll enjoy the photos once I capture them and process them tomorrow. I’m an old train buff, stopped to get these photos for my friend Dave in Michigan though. He’s a mega train buff! I also have more trains to post as well, so please stick around!

All photos are from my Nikon D3300 and Nikor 35mm lens.

4 thoughts on “Trains at Boulder City, Nevada

    • It’s a small building but loaded outside with stuff for sale. It’s on the north side of the road, across from McDeath. 😬

    • Wow, thanks Diann! I had to do some lightening of several of the 34 photos as they were taken under a roof but with open sides. More of these to come when I have time. ☺️

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