7 thoughts on “Old Steel

  1. I was born toward the end of the steam era unfortunately. I understand there were a few still in regular use on the then-CB&Q, but I don’t recall ever seeing any.

    • I see, I’ve never seen one actually operating either Doug. The Clark County Museum also has one. They just can’t compete with the Diesel Electric engines today.

      • They were really high maintenance, and the need to download water along the route must have been a real pain in cold weather. (I can’t imagine iced up water towers didn’t stop a few trains!) Diesels lack the romance, but, as you note, they have more power. I live near the Wyoming coalfields. Especially during the 1970s-1980s, we had 100 car trains pulling through town as this is a division point in the BNSF RR. You didn’t want to drive down a road that crossed a railroad track or two in those days if you ever wanted to get to work on time!

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