8 thoughts on “Breakfast at Tivoli’s

  1. Ah, breakfast outdoors on a warm sunny day is the perfect start of the day. (said as she was still locked indoors after weeks of snowy winter. sigh.)

    • Well, it’s February so you have about sixty days until things warm up Alphe. 🙏🏻☀️

          • The worst thing is that the weather now swings between early spring and heavy winter. It feels awesome on those early spring days, but it feels double bad when winter returns. Mother nature playing its unfair games!

            • I’ve noticed that odd seasonal swing every other year or more in Michigan over the years. Sometimes Fall, or Autumn just doesn’t happen. It’s hard to tell it’s Fall here in Vegas, most dicidulous trees lose their leaves later than they do back up north but it never gets super cold ever.

              • Ah we typically only have 2 seasons, winter and summer. When winter finally decides to go away the temperature can jump up by 20C within a week. Spring and autumn are pretty rare these days!

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