Rainy Desert Drive

I don’t have too much going on today aside of some medication refills, so I saddled up for a short ride into the stormy looking desert this morning. I did run into a bit of rain which means my vehicle will need yet another wipe down. Blah! A pain in the ass… I really do miss our very long and sunny summer months and scorching hot days that are my favorite time of the year. Could you handle our Las Vegas’ summer heat?

6 thoughts on “Rainy Desert Drive

  1. That’s why I moved here and from what I have checked, the only hotter place in the states is AZ, and I have been there.
    I don’t mind our Monsoons from time-to-time, but this rain is ridiculously depressing.

    • Yes it is. I awoke today to the sound of rain dripping off the house. Gloomy. This is the wettest and coldest winter I’ve seen in six years…

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