Child Safety and the Flare-o-Flame

It’s really amazing how far safety technology has come in the last fifty and more years. Today we would never place our children in a car hammock or strap them in with old style safety belts. Wow. Would you like to clean your car interiour from the suction your engine exhaust creates? I didn’t think, neither would I. Did the Flare-o-Flame actually work? I dunno, that was before my time. Note the baby next to his mother on his back, that kid is gonna squirm, get angry and shit/piss all over that pretty new seat fast, mom! Just give him a little slap, that’ll shut him up! Of course I’m kidding, everyone. These old sales ads are amazing!

2 thoughts on “Child Safety and the Flare-o-Flame

    • Hmmmm, the name JC Whitney seems familiar to me but I’m a 1960 baby… Those items are insane by today’s standards! 😆

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