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  1. My blood boils at times due to shirkers that are happy to take, while not giving back. I’ve been lucky, and have been employed 34 years, without interruption. I’ve given £tens of thousands in tax to those that need the cash – I’m MORE than happy to help those in need. There could be a time that I too need help.

    But, on every street in the UK there are some that never work but always seem to have new TVs, the latest phones, cigarettes, and are constantly off their heads on drink and drugs. It gets really annoying.

    Those that receive help for extended periods should be made to work for the state, picking rubbish, etc. It’s about time that they gave back to society.


  2. What about people who are underemployed, under paid, injured on the job or elsewhere and the disabled?
    Shit happens.

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