Moist -n- Spicy

Maybe a bit juicy! Too juicy? Sometimes my chili is a bit too wet so out comes the trusty coffee cup to drain the excess. Sometimes I put it in a bowl to use later on other foods. I don’t always add a small can of tomato sauce, this pot got one but I was wondering if it would be a bit too wet. Find the balance between thick and thin I say! I don’t like thick chili or sloppy wet chili either. It’s a balancing act right? I forgot to grab a new bottle of chili powder at the grocer today, hence this pot is missing a small piece of the puzzle. Bogus…..

8 thoughts on “Moist -n- Spicy

  1. My mother used to toss in some instant potato flakes to deal with juicy chili. It’s a bit of a trick to get the right amount, so I suspect your method is a more reliable one. It still looks pretty good to me!

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