Today’s Round of Photos So Far

I forgot that today is a national holiday. Doing into the Red Rock Canyon area I was amazed at how many cars and folks were out there! Honestly, it was a pain in the ass. The speed limit on that area of Charleston Boulevard is 50mph, all the way through the canyon. Dumbass drivers gawking and distracted drive 35 to 45mph. That’s dangerous on this two lane road, forcing people to pass the dipshit slow pokers.

I basically turned around and headed back into town, calling it quits. the traffic was sucky in town too of course so I just headed home. Summer is best out that way as the heat keeps some folk in the air conditioning. Less traffic makes John a happy dude! On the way home, I hit Best Buy on a whim as I’d been considering a new computer. I left the store with a nice new Mac, more on that later. Photo time.