Some DJI Drone Photos

Since I’m staying home all day today, I don’t have any new photos from around the city or desert for you, so here we go with using my older photos. It was fun flying this drone but as I’ve mentioned before it’s the NO YOU CAN’T fly here! thing that drove me away from flying drones. I despise restrictions and being told what to do, depending on what the situation is of course. Reminds me of being married!

Honestly, I believe that it’s the ‘dumb as a box of rocks’ people who lack any form of ‘common sense’ that **** things up for the rest of the lot. Apologies, I am very blunt about things that crank me off… It’s good old common sense that dictates you don’t fly a drone around a crowd of people.

I don’t care how good of a pilot you are. You never fly a drone over homes without the proper authorisation as another example. It’s called Common Sense, folks. Common Sense has left the building long ago… The main road you see in two of the photos is Charleston Boulevard which begins on the east side of the valley near Frenchman Mountain. Leaving the city limits, the boulevard heads west then turns south for several miles and passes by the little town of Blue Diamond, Nevada before joining up with Blue Diamond Road.

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  1. Good post, John! Last week in PDX I bought myself a Dobby Drone. It weighs less than 8 ounces and is under the threshold for FAA registration. First tries make me happy, video is (of course) not on par with DJI but I really like the photo capabilities. It is so tiny but shoots great stuff.

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