The Last of The Snow Photos

I hope. Oh snow, go away-ooooo! Happy Wednesday folks. I had a short doctor appointment early today with my cardiologist. Just some routine testing to be sure the ol’ ticker is still ticking! I’ve got a gooey ECG lined up soon then a treadmill test the next day. My dumbass insurance doesn’t allow the tests to be done on the same day. Why! I’m not concerned with my ticker, just doing the tests because it’s a good idea. It’s long past the time for the States to follow Canada and the UK with their medical care system. Our system here has been swirling down the toilet for years, it’s time to flush our pathetic, shitty health care system in the States.

9 thoughts on “The Last of The Snow Photos

  1. Great shots, John! And of course I agree 100% with your comments about the healthcare system. That’s why I gave you the “Honorary Canadian” award way back when! grin Cher xo

    • It’s rare here too down in the valley. Driving out of the city to the west takes my elevation to 4000 ASL. Just about the snow line, hence the snow on the Escarpment. I grew up in Michigan, lived there 50+ years but after 6 years here, anything below 70 is damn cold. Keep heater turned up in truck!

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