This Is My Life Today

After many years of failed marriages, years of losing money and being frequently angry and feeling trapped, this is my life today. Running smoothly down the road, in the clear with zero restrictions. If I’m honest with myself, I was never meant to be a married man. My folks called me too wild and a difficult man when I was younger but gee that was so much fun! Today I am a peaceful Home Body, there’s no place like home right?

Going out means a ride into the desert for a photo shoot, or a quick day trip north toward Moapa Valley or the Valley of Fire State Park. It’s a great life. It’s also a lonely life. I have acquaintances around Las Vegas but no actual friends and I’m OK with that right now. Maybe I’ll meet a gal. But after years of dealing with too many people’s bullshit, it’s wonderful to simply be calm and peaceful at home and in my thoughts as well.

The future is wide open!

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    • Oh yes! I’m currently working on refitting several things inside and out on my new home, once that stuff is complete I plan on traveling more.

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