10 thoughts on “Which Is It?

  1. Thank Daniel Webster and his first dictionary of American-style English! The intent was to standardize spellings along the way they were spoken, though a lot was left untouched. Life goes on.

  2. I think with names, they do a lot of the archaic spellings for style.

    I don’t like the u in words like neighbor or color. Doesn’t seem to be needed. And I don’t like an s to make a z sound.

    • Those are the worst offenders to me. They never should have been removed. Never served any purpose. Sterilize should not be a Zed, rather a pure S sound. Fun with English!

      • I try to imagine trying to learn to read and write English as a second language in adulthood. There are so many rules that often contradict other rules. It’s the baseball of languages. I think that this is due to English really being a conglomeration of several languages from different time periods over the past couple of thousand years. The English language just absorbed all this without and culling.

        In the US it is all just generally accepted convention anyway. There is no authority for grammar and spelling and style. I kan leegulley spel howevur I want.

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