I Stand Corrected

For as long as I know, I’ve always stated that snow never gets down into the valley. I stand corrected. I stand a bit angry and sad as well. I really dislike snow having grown up in Michigan and enjoying it as a younger guy. I’ve had enough of that crap now, hence seeing this white trash on my property isn’t a welcome sight.

4 thoughts on “I Stand Corrected

      • I’m from Southern California. Only got to see it in the mountains. Couldn’t live in it full or even half time, but once in a while, YES!

        • A So Cal gal aye? Nothing wrong with that! I probably mentioned already that Iā€™m from Michigan but have been in Vegas six years. Below 70 degrees is too cold, that said by a guy that grew up in deeeeep cold on a snowmobile.

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