Those Crooked Painters!

I won’t bore you with all the details, suffice it to say that I found out yesterday that the painters who painted my home inside, and the garage, were adding water to the paint. That paint peeled horribly in the garage, far less inside the house thank God. The color difference you see on the wall was applied today, the bottom color. The top color is the other paint crew’s work with water added. Bastards.

I feel angry, pissed off and ripped off. I had a discussion with the owner of the new company I hired doing the garage painting, he’s also the guy who did my estimates. The guy who did the painting today was not aware that the previous crew did the water thing, he was surprised and this is when he knew what was going on with the damned color difference, and I knew that the entire garage must be repainted!

Poor guy! He knocked on the garage door and asked me to come have a look. The proper color for the garage was determined by the five gallon buckets the other crew left me. The new company had the exact color formula, it was correct, in a new one gallon can. Can you see how there is a definite trail of shit the other company left behind? Bastards. If you are considering painting your home or other structure, please be sure that  the company you hire has a strict No Water In Paint policy!

About the poopy photo, it is straight out of the Nikon, and the sun was not shining into the back of my garage but you can still see the wild tonal difference regardless! Now, let’s cough up more cash for this shit…

4 thoughts on “Those Crooked Painters!

  1. I trust that you are not out any more cash that you should be? Make ’em pay! Then hit the BBB with complaints, and I’d also hit Home advisor, Angie’s list and the like as well. If you see the crook’s business card at a lumber yard, I’d let the management there know they are advertising for a crook.

  2. That is horrible! I know to be on the lookup for scammers adding water. I guess people don’t understand if you do good work, it brings more work references. I hope you blast them online in reviews.

    • I’m sorry your also dealing with other people’s shit as well. I’m waiting for the painter to show up with another fresh gallon of paint. Have to repaint the entire garage! Grrrrrrrrr

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