The Painting Proceeds!

I’ve ranted about the ****** up pain job the previously hired painters did inside my home. Its BARLEY passable. But the garage paint job was trashed when the dolts power washed the garage floor. the paint is water soluble hence it was ruined. Yesterday I found out that the entire garage needed repainting. Well, that is done and it looks perfect. Real paint work performed by real painters. The side and rear doors are being painted today as well hence that paper on the door.

Later this year I plan on painting the entire home outside, it needs it baaaadly! Now, the doors will be already done, I decided to forego the full exterior paint job because the TWO HOA’s we have here done pissed me off. Neither were aware of what the other was doing regarding the paint schemes. They had two different sets of colors! After some digging around I found that I needed to work with just one of the two HOA’s.  These aren’t my rules man, why the **** do we need two HOA’s!!

I knew this of course before purchasing the home but still, why? It’s like having two school yard bullies telling you what to do with your own property! Seriously! Who’s name was recorded in the Deeds of Clark County? Mine! Thank you for allowing me to get this shit off my chest. The joys of home ownership!

2 thoughts on “The Painting Proceeds!

    • I do understand your dislike. While they are a pain in the ass at times, the flip side is you won’t have greasy engine blocks in your neighbor’s driveway.

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