Buzzing Around My Neighbourhood

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police frequently fly along the many boulevards in the city and are a common sound along with the private and business choppers around here. Today, these great officers seemed to be following their fellow officers on the ground down a different road, not the usual roads I hear them on.

Anyway, I heard this Metro chopper while indoors, ran and grabbed the Nikon in the kitchen which had a 70-300mm zoom on it and grabbed these photos. I tried to process and sequence them far to near.

8 thoughts on “Buzzing Around My Neighbourhood

    • Are they police choppers? Maybe business-owned choppers. I’ve rode in just one years ago, scared the crap outta me!

    • Thank you Diann! I was surprised actually that they are so clean. This place never sleeps as you well know… The only thing I dislike about Vegas is the damned traffic!

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