Dining Room Complete!

The art store owner at Tivoli just dropped off my art for my dining room, they sure add a ton of colour to the room and that entire area of the house! You may have seen the pottery pieces in the photos elsewhere on this blog, they along with the paintings go very well with my desert southwest theme throughout the home.

19 thoughts on “Dining Room Complete!

    • Thanks so much, Cher! I’m very pleased with the art purchase and the way the home has come together. Just a very few more things and it’ll be complete. The big dollar items left are the kitchen cabinets next month, and the Plantation Shutter replacements. Some of them are damaged from use and a damn dog. I’ve done so much to this place both inside and out.

  1. Yes, exactly the room is completed with these amazing paintings… so beautiful. Fascinated me. Thank you, dear John, Love, nia

      • New touches in the home is amazing dear John, really gives a nice feeling, like a Spring… Welcome, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

    • Thanks! No, she lives in somewhere in California, I forgot which city. Oh, there goes yet another chopper over my house!

      • we call them “Ghetto Birds” since they flew over our old house so often….lights on looking for that “certain special someone”. I commend LVMPD !!! They are a FANTASTIC Team of people. Had the opportunity several times to watch them in action in my old hood. Be safe out there!

        • I’ve never felt unsafe in my home, and generally not when I’m out and about either. Folk here are not nearly as friendly as back in Michigan unfortunately. There are of course plenty of very nice folks too. 😎

          • Originally from a small rural town, Trafford, PA, I was quite taken back 20 plus years ago upon moving here. I had this illusion that I would meet so many more nice people in such a big city, I was wrong. The nice folks I was meeting, were also from the east coast!!! We just seem to find each other! Moving out of Sin City to Moapa,( a year ago) I have met ALL of my neighbors, know them by name, they are FRIENDLY, KIND and CARING……<3 and we all look out for each other…..safe and sound! There are some VERY NICE city folks too! I have made A LOT of friends, they just seem to get over shadowed by the hustle and bustle of city life. Come out to the country…breath , relax with real Birds!

            • I considered a home outside of the city but decided to stay in Vegas. I really like the city sans the damned traffic. I’ve never been in your area, wonder how far a drive Moapa Valley is from Vegas? I noticed right away upon moving here that we northerners are much more friendly than the west coast folks are by a good bit.

              Even my ex who was from Anaheim and in Michigan with me eight years noticed how much more friendly Michiganders are. It’s unfortunate! I noticed that my neighbors around my home are not as friendly and it sucks. I love to chat with everyone! Most folk just shut the garage door after driving in and that’s the end of it.

    • Thank you, guys! I appreciate that so much. Of course you can’t see texture, and the colors on the blog and Mac are very close to what I see looking in the other room. 🌵

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