Retention Basin Lines

This hidden retention basin is way out the end of Tropical Avenue on the west side. Last time I was here at least four years ago, some assholes were shooting pistols and God knows whatever else. I turned around and headed downhill! Anyway, there were just two cars up there this time so I felt comfortable getting some photos. There are several basins of various sizes around the valley, many are much larger than this one.

Hereditary Mental Disorder

It’s kind of funny the things you can see if you really pay attention to your surroundings. This odd image was taken today at the Lone Mountain Park right near the kiddy playground as you can tell. Apparently someone really dislikes our stupid post service. Me too. Our government has a heriditary mental disorder! 💀

Folks Up Top

Today I went back to Lone Mountain Park hoping to get some horse photos but the horses had other ideas. They convinced the owners to stay home or rode elsewhere I guess so I started pointing the camera elsewhere. I uploaded this one by itself as it’s the best photo I’ve taken to date of people on top of Lone Mountain. I used the 70-300mm lens of course to get a shot that high up. There’s a cross up there too, never saw that before. I tried to climb the mountain in 2014 I think but my heart just wasn’t up to the task. Sucks!

The Old Ford

I parked near this old Ford today, sent a photo and description of it to my dad who’s an expert on antique autos. He said it’s a Shay, not an original Ford car. It has an auto transmission and modern carpet so its certainly not an original Ford car. Looks good though…

In Dell Webb

A couple more shots from the Dell Webb community the other day to look at electric bikes. This community is far too rich for my blood and bank account!

Peaceful Moment

Some photos from yesterday. You can see the anchor used to hold the little wobbly dock in place down there, and a peaceful view across the lake. No powerboats are allowed on this lake, just electric motors – boring!

Hate Mail

This morning I sent WordPress a rather nasty message telling them just how badly WordPress sucks these days. I’ve been using this service since 2000 or so and I can guarantee you that WordPress isn’t what it used to be. The addition of yet another editor was just another attempt to improve on something that wasn’t broken to begin with. And that’s just one aspect.

Example: why the hell was the Justify button removed from the Legacy editor and added to, or left on, that ugly blue or gray editor? I see that as an unfinished job they started and left two different editors smashed together and unfinished.  The Block editor is no less than a ****ing joke. Also, why has WP stayed so far behind in technology?

Why can’t we easily, and simply,y block trolls on WP? I have done this tons of times on Instagram and am about to dump WordPress for instagram all together. I could seriously go on and on about this. Are you also sick of the WP’ bullshit too? I’m getting closer to killing this blog…

Last Night’s Vegas Sunset

I was too tired last eve to get these photos processed and uploaded, so here ya go! It was a beauty even without clouds. One of the many things I love about my adopted Las Vegas home. ❤️

Highway Death

Videos rarely make an appearance on this site because of the storage space they use up, thank you very much WordPress for removing our ability to purchase more storage space and instead hand us a $300 per year business plan instead. Assholes. This video was sent to me by my friend in Michigan who always sends me great stuff. This may be an exception though but it does remind me of why I chose to stay in Las Vegas after the third and final freaking divorce. Snow sucks, snow kills. It’s just an opinion, folks…

Two Dancing Ducks and Two Gooses

Yes, Gooses is a word! Here are a few more photos from earlier today on the bike ride with the Sony RX100. Ducks are one thing, but geese are shit factories. How could I know? Growing up on a lake in Michigan where the geese stay year round and love to eat your lawn if you let them. Dumbasses! We had a Standard Poodle, my sweet dog Candy, that chased them away. All she needed was to lock here eyes on those dirty birds and they were airborne! I recall just once as a kid, watching a goose actually chase her back up the hill!

At The Water’s Edge

There are two similar lakes very near each other, perhaps they are identical but they are certainly man-made. Standing on that wobbly little dock it became quickly apparent how deep these lakes are. At the end of the dock, you can’t see the bottom! Surprising to me, I need to research, see what I can find about them. This is interesting to me as I grew up on a big lake in Michigan and was always creeped out by the lake bed. You can’t see it but it’s down there in all of it’s weedy creepiness!

As kids, my buddy and I made special-shaped boards from plywood that acted like wings, but with handles on them. Tie them behind the parent’s boat when they are on an evening cruise and you’ve got a perfect diving platform. When those loooong Coon Tail weeds come up, I climbed up fast to pass over the nasty things, they felt so creepy rubbing on me as I pass over them!

A Sunny Kona

Last night I gave the Kona a super cleanup with the same wax I use on my truck, I also used a camel hair paint brush (new of course) to get into the tiny areas the wax and cloth can’t get into. The tires and wheels also had a good cleaning! I use paper towel to clean the heavy gunk off of the chain by cranking the pedals, allowing the chain to make several passes through the towel, but not remove too much lubricant.

Birds On My Ride

On my bike ride this morning I stopped at one of the little lakes for some photos of these birds. There were the usual Canadian Geese and common Pigeons of course, but what the heck are these smaller blackish birds? A duck? They have funny feet and swim low in the water and make an odd sound, not quite the standard duck call you’re used to. Does anyone know what this unique bird is?

Dell Webb Drive Through

Yesterday I went into the Dell Webb community to find a store tat sells the Pedego Electric Bike. I did find the place and those very expensive bikes, wow! I found the place online via their website but the bike I had in mind only to look at, not purchase was not in they’re inventory. The main store in Henderson had one but I wasn’t in the mood for a trip way down to Henderson. The cost of these bikes is ludicrous really, at $3000+, they aren’t affordable for most of us. I’ll definitely stick with my new Kona bike for now, it’s paid for!

There Was No Fire

But the truck sure looked beautiful. I walked to the bank, took care of business then stopped briefly to watch this fireman apparently testing a system on the truck as he was starting and stopping the engine while water was slowly falling from under the truck. As I always do, I thanked the man and the LVFD for all they do.

Thank you!