A Lucky Shot or Not?

On the way home yesterday from the Moapa Valley, I turned my Nikon around and snapped this photo. Talk about being chased down by truck drivers! The 35mm lens was attached, the 70-300mm lens would be too heavy for such fun haha! Years ago I was traveling to Florida in my employer’s big rig on I-75 southbound when another trucker spat his load of chew out the window which promptly splattered all over the truck. I have never, ever liked truck drivers to begin with then this shit happened. Pickle nosed bastards…

4 thoughts on “A Lucky Shot or Not?

  1. I once had an 18 wheeler drive straight into me, while I was standing still at a red light, he couldn’t stop. There was nothing left of the car I was driving. I blacked out and woke up on the ground with people all around me. It was 15 years ago, but I will never forget the feeling when I understood that he wasn’t going to stop.

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