8 thoughts on “Heading South for Las Vegas

    • Hi Diann, I was surprised at how little there is in your area. I’m used to the big city these days! I had a quick breakfast at the fuel station along the fifteen. They were so not busy! I walked in after filling the truck up to a restaurant with zero folks in it. The woman was very nice but bummed out about her lack of tips. After chatting her up a bit I found out that the owner of the restaurant refuses to put any signage along the freeway. Man that’s a bad business decision!

      • Yes, it is very quiet out here in these parts. But that’s how us “country folk” like it. There is A LOT to see and do if you have a love for nature tho. There are the Logandale trails, “Double Negative” (Public Land Art), Museums, St. John’s (Uncovered after the lake level dropped. VERY AWESOME photo opportunities of old ruins with ghost town vibe)…and MANY more things. Yes, this is a nice quiet, quick escape from the city. THANK YOU for stopping at the local restaurant, we appreciate it your support in small town USA! 🙂

        • Well why didn’t you tell me about all of these things before I drove up! Kidding. I’ve heard of Saint John’s, no idea how to get there. Poor Lake Mead!

          • Well, now you have reasons to come back! St. John’s…simple easy, compared to some of the places you have found! Overton Exit off the I15. Follow road, will take you through the towns of Logandale and Overton. You will pass the Overton Museum on the right (Just in case you wanted to stop). Keep going on that road. I promise you will get to the entrance to Lake Mead and Valley of Fire. Once you are through the toll booth (no one is EVER patrolling that one), St. Johns will be your first stop on the left. Make sure to pay attention for the tiny signs! 🙂

            • Are you referring to the town that’s exposed since 2012 at Lake Mead? I did some reading on that today, it’s a 2.5 mile walk/hike from the parking area so that’s not for me. My heart and three bad lower lumbars won’t allow it. Grrr!! Is it Saint John’s or Saint Thomas?

              • St thomas. my mistake. Sorry about that….My Aunt also so disappointed that she couldn’t make the hike either. So I took a BUNCH of photos for her. Perhaps I will shake out the archives and see if I can find them for a future blog.

                • Yes! Please do, that would be great. Apparently there are reasons why a road hasn’t been constructed. I mean, WHEN Lake Mead rises again, the road will just go bye bye like the town. Related to that are the humongous boat ramp extensions that have been built along the western side inside the park. Those will go bye bye too! I hope so… Deeply.

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