I’m So Grossed Out!

Many of you in the States have likely seen the TV commercials for The Toe Bro series. I’m so grossed out. For me, the foot is the absolute ugliest part of the human body. To see a TV programme like this is disgusting! The services rendered are of course very necessary but why do these medical procedures need to be public?

As time goes along it’s become all too apparent to me that the American TV networks have simply run out of good, real subjects to air that interest everyone. Today we are fed a steady diet of so-called Reality TV programmes that are both gross and stupid as hell. Come on American media, do better than this shit!

2 thoughts on “I’m So Grossed Out!

  1. No kidding! I think the worst of all, surely, is one called “Dr. Pimple Popper”. Yuck! The commercials are worse now than ever, too. I would love to skip the commercials for medications for conditions too gross to mention in polite company and the acne cure commercials. The worst one is for a automatic neti pot sort of thing used to clean out your sinuses. Don’t be eating in front of the television when any of these come on! I can skip the reality programs, but the news programs feature the gross advertisements, too.

    • I’m not the only one! Thank God! Doug, I am so sick of the drug company commercials, America and New Zealand are the only countries that allow this if I am not mistaken. It neeeeds to stop. You can’t escape them on any TV channel. The Dr. Pimple Popper snow is one I’ll never watch either how disgusting. As are the repairing of people’s toes. So disgusting! Feet are so gross! There are no more subjects of real, actual interest to Americans anymore apparently. Today we are force-fed a steady stream of disgusting so-called reality TV programmes and blatant outright lies from so-called news outlets. Don’t believe any of that propaganda.

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