11 thoughts on “Old Days Badasses

  1. They were individual cigarettes in the mid-1950s. I saw some later that were all connected into a single mass. I think it was an effort to make them less offensive by being less recognizable. I guess they are nonexistent these days.

    • Imaging that, edible cigarettes! Yuk. I smoked until 2002 when I was diagnosed with CHF. No more, now I can’t stand the smell of the damned things Doug. Gross!

      • I quite at 3:00 AM December 1, 1998 and have never looked back. I know what you mean, John. Can’t stand being around smoke, smokers, even smoker’s jackets when I hang my jacket in a public place because of the stench.

          • I told myself then that I would always be a smoker till the day I died, but I was just not smoking for the time being. That is to say, I wasn’t depriving myself forever, just for the time being. Oddly, that helped me not want them, knowing I could start without hassles at any time! I haven’t missed cigarettes, though three days into the end, I dreamt I was smoking in bed and the cigarette fell out of my hand and it rolled under my bed. I woke up and lookedf for that cigarette! LOL! (Yews, I was going to smoke the rest of it if I found it…!) The other time I had a bit of remorse (!) was when I got together with some friends. One introduced me to a cigar dipped in brandy, which was quite nice , the year before. When he suggested a replay a year later, i had to say no, I’d quit smoking. Fortunately, he didn’t smoke a cigar then, which is good because by then tobacco smoke stuffed me up to the point I had to mouth breathe! (Yes, I learned I was allergic to tobacco smoke after I quit, something that should have been obvious when I was smoking.

              • I agree. I don’t personally use weed because (thanks to brief exposure to it while in the US Army…) I know I’m more allergic to it than cigarettes – most unpleasant!

  2. I did that not to long ago
    .well, smoked candy cigarettes. Yes and mentioned a group noone knew so yep, I definitely dated, myself.

    • Someone still makes them? Yikes! Your photo gives me no hint of your age, and I ain’t asking of course!

      • I have no problem sharing my age, especially being the oldest surviving with my metabolic disorder.
        I am 54 and gonna live lots more! Hooray!

        • Pardon me, but that’s the correct effing attitude! I’ve a couple diseases, still surviving. ☺️

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