Outside my Front Door

It’s been a beautiful day in the valley today, sunny and mid sixties which I am loving! This tree is still looking very happy today, those little flowers aren’t going last much longer though I suppose. If anyone read the previous post, I had the cable dude out here today… Seems I have the WRONG cable box! It’s worked fine for a year but has gone all wonky the last month or so and I was getting pissed off with it. Wanted to put the box under my truck tire to get my revenge. Dammit! Everything seems fine so far… Yep. On to those flowers…

8 thoughts on “Outside my Front Door

  1. Those pretty flowers are warming me up on a snowy morning here in Canada John. Glad you go the cable box sorted before it ended up like a pancake under a tire. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t have gave the box the crunch, that’d cost me money! hehe. The new box has been flawless, knock on wood. Loved reading your post on the Baja Whales!

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