Two Way Transmission

The radios on the left and right are VHF/UHF radios for Ham Radio. The centre radio is an MURS radio which is a five channel band allocated for 2 watt low power communications for businesses, families, hiking and so on. The other radios have a transmit power of 5 watts maximum. I’ve had a ham license 20+ years.

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  1. A fellow ham! You may have noticed the name of my blog is also my call sign. My wife and I both have ham licenses. Neither of us is particularly active, but we do occasionally bring our VHF/UHF radios when hiking or camping.

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    • Yes I am! I knew your blog name was a call sign right away, something not everyone will catch. I’ve had my N8 call since the nineties, just went into the FCC Database a couple days ago to update my license address, just moved to a house from an apartment. I’m from 8 Land haha! I’m not active but do listen to the many link repeaters and simplex around the valley.

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