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Today I went back to Living Spaces for a few items for the house, specifically the two spare bedrooms which are now finally completed! Ugh. I both like doing this stuff and dislike it at the same time… It’s nice to see the finished product though. At this time, all that remains for me to finish the home are the kitchen cabinets (remodel begins March 25) and the Plantation Shutter replacements which will be over one month until install as they have to be built obviously. I’ve paid for them, and all of the measurements have been taken. So, I’m less than two months from completion, finally! Later this summer, I plan to have the home exteriour painted as it’s just well past the time for it. Yay me! Well done for a single man! Just a few shots so far today.

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  1. Congrats. When’s the Housewarming? Lol

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  2. What did you get a the Mcdonald’s?

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