A Scorpion in My Garage

This morning while getting ready for a bike ride I noticed something on the garage floor that didn’t belong there. Leaning over a bit for a look – oh, hello Mr. Dead Scorpion! This one isn’t too large or small so it’s sting would have been worse than the larger scorpions. My home is sprayed inside and out roughly every 45 days for scorpions and other unwanted guests. I’ve never seen anything inside the home, just outside.

Since the garage is part of the spraying routine, this little bastard apparently got a nice yummy taste of the poison the company lays down. Good, serves ya right ya little bastard! Chatting with my neighbour across the street today, I mentioned the scorpion. He stated that he and his wife have never seen one scorpion in all the time they’ve been there. Apparently, they are only on my side of the street! Scorpions are nasty!

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  1. You don’t think that is big? That would give me a heart attack!

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  2. OMG I could barely look at this!!

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    • They are nasty! My now not stepson if you take my meaning, was stung by one getting out of the shower when I was married. Poor kid, had to take him to Urgent Care on Sahara, they gave him a tetanus shot. It counteracts the poison. Nasty.

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  3. I know you’re glad it was dead.

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  4. Scorpions are very very nasty!!!


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