At The Water’s Edge

There are two similar lakes very near each other, perhaps they are identical but they are certainly man-made. Standing on that wobbly little dock it became quickly apparent how deep these lakes are. At the end of the dock, you can’t see the bottom! Surprising to me, I need to research, see what I can find about them. This is interesting to me as I grew up on a big lake in Michigan and was always creeped out by the lake bed. You can’t see it but it’s down there in all of it’s weedy creepiness!

As kids, my buddy and I made special-shaped boards from plywood that acted like wings, but with handles on them. Tie them behind the parent’s boat when they are on an evening cruise and you’ve got a perfect diving platform. When those loooong Coon Tail weeds come up, I climbed up fast to pass over the nasty things, they felt so creepy rubbing on me as I pass over them!