Hate Mail

This morning I sent WordPress a rather nasty message telling them just how badly WordPress sucks these days. I’ve been using this service since 2000 or so and I can guarantee you that WordPress isn’t what it used to be. The addition of yet another editor was just another attempt to improve on something that wasn’t broken to begin with. And that’s just one aspect.

Example: why the hell was the Justify button removed from the Legacy editor and added to, or left on, that ugly blue or gray editor? I see that as an unfinished job they started and left two different editors smashed together and unfinished.  The Block editor is no less than a ****ing joke. Also, why has WP stayed so far behind in technology?

Why can’t we easily, and simply,y block trolls on WP? I have done this tons of times on Instagram and am about to dump WordPress for instagram all together. I could seriously go on and on about this. Are you also sick of the WP’ bullshit too? I’m getting closer to killing this blog…

8 thoughts on “Hate Mail

  1. I agree, John. If there were a benefit to the changes rather than just a different way of doing the same thing, only with more pointless complications, I’d be saying, “Oh! Wonderful that I now get to have lots of spelling errors because this doesn’t automatically point out spelling error s any longer, Just the improvement I hoped WP would make to their site!”

  2. Well…..I don’t have any issues per se with my WP site. I’m not even sure what you’re talking about, because, for sure, I am not to savvy with computer software programs. I’ve always been self-taught, limping along til I figured it out. 🙂

    • Do you use that stupid Block editor? Probably not. And some other things WP has done and not done over the years. I’ve started an email volley with them. I’m about ready to leave WP for SquareSpace.

  3. I mentioned this on one of my earlier rants about WP. They see to be trying to emulate Weebly, Wix and Squarespace. While ignoring the fact people used WP because it was WP. Not a WYSIWYG editor. Urgh.

    I just hate the way I can’t use Grammarly on it anymore. Hence the number of spelling mistakes that dip through nowadays. I forget if I correct something it ignores it when I hit publish.

    • So I’m not alone aye! Are you considering dumping WP? My first choice for replacement would be SquareSpace. The big loss would be the many friends and community we have here. WP just won’t pop its collective head out of its collective ass!

      • I’ve tried to a few times. For writers though, it seems its WP or Medium. I’ve made a point of spreading more to social media than being 100% WP-centric this last few months. Just don’t feel like I fit anywhere else though.

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