Highway Death

Videos rarely make an appearance on this site because of the storage space they use up, thank you very much WordPress for removing our ability to purchase more storage space and instead hand us a $300 per year business plan instead. Assholes. This video was sent to me by my friend in Michigan who always sends me great stuff. This may be an exception though but it does remind me of why I chose to stay in Las Vegas after the third and final freaking divorce. Snow sucks, snow kills. It’s just an opinion, folks…

6 thoughts on “Highway Death

  1. It points out what I say about driving on poor roads: I can safely stop if I have to, but it is the axxholes behind me I have to worry about! I saw several good drivers in this video bring their cars and tractor-trailers to safe stops, with plenty of space between them and the vehicles in front of them, only to get rear-ended by some idiot driving way too fast for the conditions. I’d hate to be the state troopers who had to work out the accident report on this pile-up!

    • Thanks, so wonderful of you! 🙏🏻 A reinforcement that I made the proper decision to stay in the valley. No snow, thank you. 🌵🌴☀️

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