The Old Ford

I parked near this old Ford today, sent a photo and description of it to my dad who’s an expert on antique autos. He said it’s a Shay, not an original Ford car. It has an auto transmission and modern carpet so its certainly not an original Ford car. Looks good though…

2 thoughts on “The Old Ford

  1. I had an original 1929 Model A soft top with rumble seat (like the one pictured) Mine was black of course, and did not have the trunk. BTW, that is where the term “trunk” in a car came from!

    • I see, interesting! Brits call it a Boot. I rode with my dad in 2015 in an antique auto tour in Georgia and Florida. So much fun! We put over 100 miles on our car. He had a couple tours in Florida this winter, I asked to ride with him if he needed another navigator. Maybe this summer in Michigan. I’m going up in May to see my kiddos and dad when the cold weather is really gone.

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