My Kitchen Cabinet Rebuild

Yesterday my kitchen cabinet rebuild tech John showed up promptly at eight AM as promised by his boss Paul, also the company owner. He got right to work almost immediately by digging into those 1996 original cabinets. They seriously needed to go man! I’ll use these photos as example one, to be followed by the completed work which should be tomorrow afternoon according to John.

I chose white (hex code #ffffff) because it matches the nice granite countertop as well as the Plantation Shutters and the floor. A nice blending of colours. My Master Bath cabinets are also being rebuilt as well as a set of storage cabinets in the hallway which I will omit from this image set. Most of the Plantation Shutters in my home will also be replaced soon, likely around mid-April.

They are either flat-out broken or damaged by the damned animals who have unfortunately lived here over the years. My home is pet-free. Once both of these upgrades/updates are complete, I will call my painter dude so he can come by to give me an estimate on paint repairs.  Both the removal of the crusty old cabinets and the Plantation Shutters will damage the new whole-house paint job. Pretty much unavoidable…

OK, I may have got this process out of sequence! It won’t cost too much for the paint touchups. After all of this, my home will be complete with all of its repairs and upgrades. All that is left then will be the home exteriour painting. I will schedule that job for mid-summer or so. Very soon I need to get to the Ortho as I’ve got a Bridge that needs to be done (already been diagnosed), and then some repairs on the upper right side. An ‘old as hell’ cavity repair is finally giving out. I see a bit of mouth pain in my future!

Thanks for reading. 😎

The colours in these photos suck, sorry.

5 thoughts on “My Kitchen Cabinet Rebuild

    • I understand what you mean about the vintage charm, but some of those cabinets and drawers were literally falling apart. Too many abusers over the years who don’t respect owning a home and have no pride of ownership. They had to go, the white cabinets will look fabulous and won’t fall apart.

  1. So, I can say this now, Nice and Good and Enjoyable Cooking/eating times and Bon appittee too…. Seems so beautiful. Thank you, Love, nia

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