A Smoggy Five Hundred Bucks

It’s once again that time of year, time to renew the tag on my license plate. I tried to do this online again like I did last year, but the DMV website said no way, you need to have a smog check this year. Regardless, either way it costs me $500 bucks per year to keep my license plate tab updated.

The cost of living is higher here than back east and north in Michigan overall, but the license plate fee here is insane! In Michigan, the same plate renewal would be be one third or so of the cost, and NO smog check. Go figure… They really gotcha! We need and love our cars and trucks!

15 thoughts on “A Smoggy Five Hundred Bucks

  1. Smog check … another example of a bureaucratic mandate that started in California (1984) and spread like a virus to Nevada in 1997. The monumental flaw in the regulation is that the worst polluters — older cars (classic cars in Nevada) — are exempt. That’s insane, right?!

    • I agree, that is nutty but making older cars and trucks conform may be cost prohibitive in some cases. California has become a hive, a den of Socialism and worse in this country. I have zero desire to go there for so many reasons. Couldn’t pay me to live in that state anywhere. Michigan tried it many years ago, it didn’t last long.

      • You know, I am native California. Homegrown Californians have historically been a minority population. The state has attracted millions of immigrants, hippies, New Age iconoclasts and liberals who got tired of shoveling snow in New England. They are the ones who ruined California.

        I remember when California was Reagan country. We were first in the nation in all of the good categories. My roots are here. Our family arrived legally from Hungary in 1906 and owned farms in the Central Valley and Imperial Valley.

        Where would I go? Maybe Texas, or Tennessee? Florida? Earthquakes are terrifying, but tornadoes and hurricanes are no picnic. Nevada is out because of my asthma. Arizona is too hot … Colorado too cold … and the Northwest too rainy.

        Frankly, residents in a lot of states simply do not like people from California. I guess I’ll stay where I’m wanted.

        • I’m sorry, didn’t mean to offend you but this is what I’ve seen every time down there. The mindset of these people seems out of alignment with the rest of the country. If I ever to move back to Michigan, I would go all the way north to the Yooper. Why go half way?

          • Oh, no offense taken. I just remember when California still had some luster as the Golden State. Thousands of businesses and residents flee every year.

            • I don’t doubt it because I see so many California license plates in Vegas. It’s unfortunate to me. may be a reason to leave the state some day… Hope not but Liberalism is the opposite. I am far-right Conservative.

          • One of the things I dislike most about WordPress is that you need to open a different account for different blogs. You can manage multiple blogs in one account, but the primary gravatar will appear in all comments.

            Let’s say you have ten blogs. Your primary blog is about sports, but your other blogs may be about food, or music.

            So, if you’re commenting on a food blog, your primary gravatar appears. It doesn’t matter that you have a different gravatar for each blog — the sports gravatar will always appear.

            Well, I have seven blogs and I want each one to have a unique identity. The only solution was to open seven different accounts.

            I don’t want to mix politics with my photography. I want my political gravatar to appear in my comments on political blogs, and my photo gravatar to appear in my comments on photo blogs.

            Can’t do that if they are in the same account.

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            Not my fault — it’s WordPress!

            • OK, I was wondering about that. How can you manage so many blogs! One is enough for this guy. 😎

              • Since I was a child, writing and photography have been two of my favorite hobbies. I know that there are followers of my photo blog who wouldn’t necessarily share my political views so I try to keep them separate. But, the cat’s out of the bag now! You are welcome to visit SOAR anytime. We can have a lively discussion over there. The other blogs feature my mother’s poetry and creative writing. It is a challenge to manage the writing, photography and YouTube channel; but if I have writer’s block one day, I can always take some pictures, or edit a video.

                • I stopped discussing politics with people a good bit ago. My BP is high enough! I have chronic high blood pressure…. swallow lots of pills each day! 😆

  2. Gad! In Nebraska, it’s $15.00, though you pay a property tax on the car based on its value. A newer car, of course, costs more for taxes, and where you live makes a difference because of local taxes on top of the state one.

    • It’s crazy isn’t it? Each state just makes up what they or it wants and hammers you with it. A money grab. As an example, the Clark County Skrewl District costs millions of dollars to operate just the school busses each year. That and many other costs is I’m sure why my little plate tab costs $500 bucks. It sucks Doug, but to me it’s worth it for the climate and the always nearby open desert and mountains.

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