6 thoughts on “Drone View

  1. Would really enjoy seeing drone video over Nevada. I know a guy on YouTube that crashed his last two. A very expensive hobby, and too many regulations. Locally, you have to get FAA clearance and you can’t fly over people.

    • I do have a few videos from the drone but won’t upload them here because of the space usage. My photos are generally 500kb or less. Not so with video. The rapid number of and increase of these rules and regulations are literally why I sold that drone. Too many rules equals less enjoyment. I suspect that as with other things in this world, a core group of dumbasses screwed things up for the lot.

      • If only I could figure out how to upload your video to my YouTube channel. But I understand about the regulations. I worry that a terrorist could wreak havoc with a drone.

        • Good luck with that, they are all on my external SSD and in the Cloud! I sure the evil people of the world are hard at work figuring out ever better ways to kill other human beings. Including our own government. Evil is as evil does.

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