Tower Marks the Spot

From my perspective, the Stratosphere Tower marks the very north end of the Las Vegas Strip. This photo was snapped a couple days ago I think from near the southern base or end of Lone Mountain using the Nikon and the 70-300mm zoomer. A question for you if I may?

What part of Las Vegas would you most like to see in photos here? Sorry, no video for storage reasons. Maybe Inside the casinos? the exteriour of them? People and the action on the Vegas Strip proper? How about Fremont Street? Let me know, perhaps I can get the shots for you!

8 thoughts on “Tower Marks the Spot

  1. only my thoughts……you should share with folks the MILLION other things to do here other than the casinos……we have helicopter tours over the strip (amazing photos ops up there!!)… Baseball stadium, soon (BOOOOOOO) football stadium (I am STEELERS FAN!!!) , LVMS, Bullring and Drag strip (new this year 4 WIDE!). etc…..I do REALLY ENJOY ALL the photos you share John. You give me new perspective on my “adoptive” city and Inspiration to seek out the unknown 🙂

    • There are things like chopper rides I won’t do, tooooo scary! The baseball and football venues hold zero interest for me, tough to get me in those places. Generally avoid the strip, it’s so insane down there and the parking is horrid. Sorry, not trying to be negative but it is what it is. Apparently I’ll not be going many places. Time to change the blog to something else?

      • OHHHH MY GOSH nooooo…don’t change…..I was just throwing out a few random suggestions is all….YOUR photos and blog are AWESOME!!! It always gives me a New Fresh perspective of the city ……

    • I agree! I spoke to a security guard in one of the casinos say three years ago. He said basically what you said. I’ve got away with photos in them before with the iPhone but it’s just not smart, right?

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