The Windstorm Continues

This nonsense will continue until around six PM this evening according to the National Weather Service in Las Vegas. Lovely! It makes a damn mess of my backyard! Gladly, none of my trees have been damaged as yet, especially my palm trees. I do not want damaged palm fronds, I love my palm trees!

This storm is either the worst or next to the worst I’ve seen in six years here. A very powerful low pressure centre is responsible for this and the Dust Storm warning yesterday as well. That’s life in the Mojave Desert! Could you handle the wind and the summer heat? Las Vegas isn’t for everyone I can guarantee you!

2 thoughts on “The Windstorm Continues

  1. Dear John, do they have any support, I mean like to tie… in village home, northern wind is very strong and we try to tie them to a strong place. Just an idea… It would be so sad to see them damage. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Not that I’ve seen, Nia. Gladly they seem to do rather well. I have seen other trees damaged around town though.

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