Bonnie Springs is Dead

Bonnie Springs was recently sold to the damned developers. Apparently Bonnie Springs was not doing well financially which I don’t find surprising when you have a good look at the place. It just grind my gears that homes will be built in this beautiful location now – nothing is sacred. Americans seem to worship the almighty dollar today. And please don’t say that “it’s progress”. It’s not, it’s destruction of desert habitat.

3 thoughts on “Bonnie Springs is Dead

  1. Beautiful Photos John! …and very sad..that they have been sold. I remember visiting there when I was a little child visiting my Uncle, and again returning several times after moving here.

    • Thank you Diann. I have tons of photos from there, it makes me angry that homes will apparently be built there. The land should be leveled and allowed to return to its natural state.

      • I wish they would have purchased and given it some Vegas flare!!!! to breath new life into it for the next 50 years ……..but nooooooo…leveled and houses…….so much other land to choose from here

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