9 thoughts on “Chili With Jalapeno

  1. I found a solution for No Salt chili. Store bought chili can have close to 3000mg of sodium per can. Oh, the label says 3.5 servings per can, but let’s be real. One can is one serving for most people.

    Your body only needs 200-300mg of sodium per day so a diet of packaged, frozen, or canned products from the grocery store is a recipe for a premature death.

    My chili is rather simple: One can each of No Salt pinto beans, black beans and kidney beans. Add Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle blend and your favorite brand of chili powder. (Some chili powders contain salt so read the label. Also, powders made from ground Jalapenos will have the most kick. You just have to experiment with different brands.)

    As for measurements, I can only recommend that you season for taste. Add a few shakes of Mrs. Dash, a pinch or two of chili powder … and taste. You may need to add more, or less. If you prefer a slow-cooked chili here’s a recipe from the American Heart Association:


    • You are so right, chili has too much sodium as do so many other foods today. Looking AT THE SODIUM CONTENT ON packages of most anything, I’m astounded at the sodium level . I choose lower sodium cans and such but not the items you mention. I have chronic high blood pressure, but it is well controlled.

  2. Kentuckians eat chilli with peanut butter sandwiches. Up in Cincinnati, they like to add spaghetti noodles.

    This pot looks good!

    • Wow, peanut butter? But noodles would be good! this one is so spicy, literally keeps my mouth on fore for five minutes after!

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