Feeding The Federal Beast

Well today is the big day. Did you pay your taxes? Or, are ‘they’ gonna come knocking on your door and invite you to have a free stay in prison until you pay up? Not paying your taxes, aka feeding the federal beast will land you in deep shit. And to think that over two hundred years ago, we British left England because of a tyrannical king. Nothing has changed… The power to tax is the power to destroy lives.

5 thoughts on “Feeding The Federal Beast

  1. Thanks to the tax law changes, I overfed the beast in 2018. I chose to apply the difference to my 2019 estimated taxes instead of taking a refund. No reason to send the IRS a check today only to have them send money back in a few weeks!

    • Good thinking, that’s what I’ve done for years. It just makes sense. Think about what keeping that tax money would mean for millions? A better life.

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