New Fridgy, Dead Cooling Fan

Perhaps it’s not technically called a cooling fan inside a fridgie but that is exactly what has crapped out inside my brand new, five month old Frigidaire machine. Seriously? And the tech didn’t have the proper fan on hand either. He could have installed an aftermarket fan but I didn’t want that, neither did he so I will have to wait two, perhaps three days for the new fan to be installed. In the mean time, almost every single thing in the bottom portion of the fridgy must be tossed.

And I made that swell new pot of delicious chili just yesterday too! I’d hoped that it and other things in there would have made it but it’s just not worth getting sick as hell for. The old saying is still true my friends, when in doubt, throw it out! The freezer is fine and will chill my beer well for hockey tonight!

That image is not my fridgy!

10 thoughts on “New Fridgy, Dead Cooling Fan

    • I dunno, it’s all gone down the sink yesterday along with everything else except the water and juices. A shameful waste of food, but I have no choice.

  1. It’s always the moving parts. That’s why I am an electronics engineer – those parts don’t move, though I have been know to let the smoke out of a few parts.

      • I think that generally stuff like this fails young or lasts a long time and fails old. I guess their testing didn’t do a good enough job of weeding out for infant mortality.
        In product testing the trick is to stress it just enough to find the weaklings without damaging the good parts. Kind of a tough balance to find.

        • I guess so. The guy said in about two years, the five ounces of freon my fridgy uses will be replaced with Butane. Seriously! Let’s see…. highly explosive. But it’s cheap. I say it’s ludicrous, and these greenie people have gone too far. When enough homes are blown up, they will have to cease this nonsense. That’s what the repair guy said! I better make sure this fridgy lasts a loooong time or I might die by Refrigerator Explosion. Forget the gas drier, water heater and furnace with all of its natural gas explosiveness.

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