The Valley of Palms

Driving around Las Vegas you will see jillions of beautiful palm trees in several varieties and in various states of growth. Some are not well maintained or not maintained at all in some areas which is a crime in my eye since I love palm trees so much! Did you know that palm trees are not native to the Las Vegas area? Most varieties do very well here when properly maintained and fed the correct amount of water.

My recently rebuilt drip system at home waters two Mexican palms, four new bushes, four older bushes and two Mediterranean Fan Palms. The system is divided into two sections, the front and back yards. Each section runs, or drips (it’s not actually a drip but a tiny slow stream) for one full hour per section. I have been keeping a tight eye on all the plants and trees to be sure they aren’t receiving too much or too little water. The rest of the property is Desert Scaped and needs zero water, a serious plus in the desert!

I snapped this photo yesterday when heading for my local Best Buy store. I like the mountains far in the distance with the cluster of gorgeous palm trees in the foreground. There is beauty all around our valley!

Click the image, looks better large!