Brewer’s Blackbird in The Tree

I was waiting in the lot for Best Buy to open today (no business should open at 10AM) when two Brewer’s Blackbirds landed in a small tree nearby. I popped the zoom lens on the Nikon, this is what I captured before they flew away. Seriously, Best Buy? Get some real hours man, that’s better than Banker’s hours.

12 thoughts on “Brewer’s Blackbird in The Tree

  1. Great photos! LOL on the hours of Best Buy. It’s the same here in WI. I don’t recall seeing any blackbirds by the store though, so you’ve got that going for ya!

    • Thanks Marcus! They are black but when the sun strikes the feathers at the proper angle, they take on a blueish glow. They are very noisy birds at times!

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