CB Radio

In 1981 I began my fascination with radio, most any kind of radio. I have been a licensed Ham Radio guy since the early 1990’s I think, but began the hobby on the 11 metre band, commonly called Citizens Band radio.I purchased this CB at least one year ago and have barely used it. Today I stuffed it in the truck and made a few transmissions with it. I knew the rig still worked, but I was really surprised to chat with a guy many miles east of my location, on the fifteen freeway along the Vegas Strip. Ham Radio is still better!

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    • Great comment, love it! CB’s were the big thing in the late 70’s. They were even mentioned in my senior year yearbook too. I made lots of friends via those radios in the 1980’s.

  1. My dad had a CB radio when I was growing up – it was fun, plus it was at the time when Smokey and the Bandit movie came out – mom was in love with Burt, so it was cool to have a CB Radio 😉 That’s awesome that you were able to chat with someone on it. Nice photos, too, by the way!

    • Thank you again Shelley, you are sooo kind! I try to create a decent composition with each image. That radio is already back in the storage bin. I have recently become re-interested in my decades-old hobby and purchased a new police scanner for 800-900mhz and some other two-way radios. Glad I kept all of my old ham radio gear around too.

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