Humming Bird Feeder and a Palm Tree Shadow

I have considered putting a simple humming bird feeder in my backyard, the store had a cheap one so let’s see if it draws any hummers. I see humming birds here all year long so the odds should be pretty good. I had a hell of a time jamming that little support pole in the ground! Even my two hundred pound plus weight didn’t get the job done so out came the hammer.

The palm tree shadow looks pretty cool on the faux grass aye? 😎🌴

8 thoughts on “Humming Bird Feeder and a Palm Tree Shadow

  1. Neat-o palm shadow, looks awesome on that perfectly green grass!! And I used to have a hummingbird feeder just like yours. 🙂 I’ve been watching my daughter’s hummingbird feeder today while grandson-sitting, hoping a hummer would show, so far no luck.

    • I have yet to see one too Donna although I’m not in view of the back yard from the living room. These 1996 homes were not designed with Open Concept construction.I wonder though if it’s being about 2.5 or 3 foot off the ground will affect it’s being discovered…

      • My son-in-law has his right now the same height as yours…..and no, I didn’t see one today either. I was wondering the same thing about the height. I always hung mine up at least 5-6′. But I’m not sure if height really makes a difference, I’ve seen hummingbirds on ground flowers and bushes, so you may just need one to spot it in flight and swoop in for a taste. He/she will be back then for sure!

        • WOW! Your comment basically follows along with what I saw very late today Donna. Looking out the back door I saw a light colored Hummer at one of the bays. It vanished quickly but a few moments later three small Sparrows? Were all on it at the same time swinging about. I don’t want poo piles there so it’ll have to come down I guess. Maybe. Wasn’t but a small cash investment. 😎

    • Thanks! I was walking around the house, taking a breather from the toob and saw this, went inside and grabbed the Nikon with 35mm. 😎🌴

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