Unboxing a New Scanner

The other day I ordered a new police scanner that is far more up to date technologically than the unit I purchased last year. This scanner isn’t nearly as techie, much more user friendly and far outperforms the old Whistler Brand scanner ten to one. After just one eve with it I was well versed in it’s operations. It receives trunked police transmissions, EMS, Aircraft and so much more. Are you familiar with scanning radios? I’m a licensed Ham Radio guy since the nineteen nineties, anything radio gets me excited!

2 thoughts on “Unboxing a New Scanner

  1. I mentioned to you before, Pahrump’s favorite son, Art Bell. He was the undisputed king of late-night radio. When he got off-air at 2 am, he’d fire up his ham radio and continue the conversation with a worldwide audience until the wee hours of the morning. If it weren’t for the damned cigarettes he’d still be here. COPD finally got him.

    Say, does your scanner pick up military frequencies? It’s fun to listen to the cockpit chatter at air shows.

    • Thanks for the information. Really sad man! The receiver does cover military. It’s stopped in the 220mhz band and others from Nellis and Creech.

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